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tv   Cleveland 19 News at Noon  CBS  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> ryan lochte originally said he and three swim mates were robbed at gunpoint. but authorities say he initially vandalized a bathroom and then paid armed guards before leaving. >>reporter: ryan lochte says he's learned valuable lessons. he says, "i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend, for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning. it is traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier
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at you and demand money." several security cameras captured what happened sunday morning. lochte and his teammates are seen lingering behind a wall and pulling down what appears to be a poster. when they attempted to leave security guards block their taxi. police say the swimmers were drunk and belligerent, vandalized this bathroom and left $50 to pay for the damage. usa today sports columnist lochte's subsequent actions only made things worse. >> you may the damages, you apologize for being an ugly american, you let the uscc know what you did and everybody moves on. >>reporter: lochte claimed they were robbed at gunpoint. >> he cocked it, put it to my forehead i was like, whatever. >>reporter: police said the security guards were armed but called they actions appropriate.
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medallist apparently returned to north carolina before rio police could question him. on thursday before speaking with police a second day, two other swimmers flew back to the u.s. jimmy feigen is the last swimmer in rio. he will pay a $10,000 fine that will likely go to charity and leave the country later today. well, lochte says he waited to comment on the incident in rio until the legal handled and he was sure his teammates would be arriving home safely. i hope you enjoyed the morning because pop up showers could head your way this afternoon. meteorologist samantha roberts joins us from the first alert weather center. sound like we need umbrellas. >>reporter: from time to time this afternoon you may need that. but i don't think everyone will see rain. a few isolated downpours are possible. let's look at the hour-by-hour
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afternoon. it is not 100%. not everyone is going to get in on the action, but there is a slight chance a few showers and storms will develop in the heating and humidity of the day. in fact, we are already seeing that. most of you are dry. satellite and radar is quiet, but there are a few showers starting to bubble up. one there right on the east side of 271. another one out in t county and another in wayne county. what we are really focused on is this weekend. i think you are most likely to get rained on late saturday into sunday morning. this is your first alert that some late day showers and thunderstorms on saturday could produce heavy rain and high wind. not an organized severe weather threat, but definitely a chance that you run into downpours tomorrow. a better chance that what we have today. we'll talk about it coming up in
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minutes away. new information on the deadly accident we reported as breaking news at noon yesterday. we now know what caused that crash. it was a blown tire. a 60-year-old man's tire blew while he was driving his van southbound on the jennings. a water truck driver saw it and pulled over. daniel then lost control of his van and slam into the water truck. he died in that crash. police investigate ago murders. they arrested paul the shooting death of a 21-year-old. witnesses identified the man on your screen as the 67-year-old, as the gunman and found him in his apartment on north el la. clearen is in the wayne county jail. summit county man arrested accused of stealing a disabled woman's social security checks. he was withdrawing money from the disabled woman's bank account for a year and putting
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his personal use. a medder police officer is always patrolling, even while on vacation. he was picking up his k-9 when he heard about a police chase on his scanner. within 30 minutes his dog found this guy. police arrested him for theft and other crimes. a u.s. attorney sworn in today. carol both attended. donald trump's campaign chairman paul manafort has resigned after an investigation for his work for ousted ukrainian president. >>reporter: donald trump arrived in baton rouge friday morning, but first he took care of business and accepted the resignation of campaign
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trump issued a statement thanking manafort for his service.this comes as investigators in ukraine are trying to determine if he accepted illegal cash payments and whether he secretly routed millions of dollars to u.s. lobbyists. he did consulting work for a ukrainian president, an ally of putin from 2006 to they have already made some changes. trump came close to apologizing for controversial remarks he's made in the past. >> and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >>reporter: the clinton campaign dismissed trump's comment as insincere. a spokesman sweeted "in case you thought for a second donald trump sorry, he is back to dee
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this is trump's first campaign ad of the general election. it began airing this morning in the battleground states of florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. and hillary clinton is taking the day off from the campaign trail to celebrate today, the birthday of president bill clinton. he turns 70. it is the most revealing display of a presidential candidate so far in this race and right now they are the brain child of a clevela artist. social media is calling a naked trump. they went up in five cities nationwide, including one in cleveland heights. it was on display for less than an hour before police took it down. the statues were put up in protest by an activist group. coming up on cleveland 19 news, talking smart phones, from new data plans to what is missing from the new iphone 7. >> and before you buy that bottle of wine for the weekend,
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that was a long time ago. well, t mobile and script sprint are changing their cell phone service to focus on data plans. t mobile announced unlimited data for 70 bucks a month. sprint responded an hour later by slashing its unlimited plan to $60. nowhere, a french website claims it has obtained schematics of the iphone 7 and
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at the bottom. instead apple will put a second speaker grill in that spot. straight ahead on cleveland 19 news we are asking questions about keeping kids safe in school. coming up, we'll show you a program any ohio school can use to track school visitors. >>reporter: well, it is a gorgeous day out there. let's take a live look from high atop our roof camera. mid 80s. starting to get more humid, too. doesn't el you can see in the background there is puffy cloud cover starting to develop. a little later some of those clouds may develop into thunderstorms. we'll talk about it coming up
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> it, but other ohio schools can get this new tool to keep your computer safe. a visitor has to hand over his or her id. it is scanned, their name and then their information loads into the computer and that information is compared to the national sex offender database. if an offender the secretary alerts others in the building. it can be used to verify who is picking up students and school leaders have the ability to enter their own alerts about
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disputes or protection orders. this story is for parents who are sending their first child to kindergarten in the fall. three things you need to know to make your kids school ready. practice eating lunch in about 20 minutes because that is all the time they get. check that your kid can spoke a straw in one of those juice boxes or peel open a yogurt tube or peel open a plastic bag. make sure your child can clean themselves and open and close a stall door, toilet and does a good job washing their hands. expect spleep time to increase. kindergartners often need to sleep more hours than usual. it. we are talking back to school bedtimes. coming up at 4:00 we'll talk to experts about what you need to do to get your child back into a good bedtime routine. an all boys high school
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reminding them of their policies on homework, sports or other items parents are not allowed to drop any items to their children. the school says it is teaching the kids to be problem-solvers and open up to their mistakes. i got a lot of reaction to parents on my facebook page. do you agree? >> yeah, i agree. high school? that works. i have run up books and missed your kid. >> i was surprised at how many parents didn't agree. there were some parents that didn't agree. our twitter had a lot of reaction where parents were like, i don't agree with that. >> they don't want to miss an assignment. they take a zero on a 50-point assignment, that is tough. parents in a north carolina school are changing the drop off system for their kids. they have gotten permission to set up a coffee truck right there in the line where they
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parents and teachers have been fired up to see the cafe ole truck ready to serve them after they drop off their kids. >> i like that. a bear, a dragon and even dz is playing pokemon go. what do you think, sam? >>reporter: i just see lightening and think go inside. you shouldn't stick around to figure out how long it looks like. if you took a picture of it you could. you have to stay safe when it is thundzering outside. of course you want to go immediately indoors. we may have some of that out there this afternoon. we are starting to see some of
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starting and that is a pre-cursor to thunderstorm development. out to the east of i-271 here north of soland we have a downpour that's developed. these are popping up. they are trying to take an easterly movement. we'll keep a close eye on these into the afternoon. there is a shower on top of you to the east and west and a shower in if portage county to the north i do not expect widespread severe weather, but some thunderstorms could produce brief, heavy rain, frequent lightening and heavy wind. we'll be watching this situation. jeff is here and he'll be updating you live on air at 4:00. tune in for that. these are so random. they just pop up with the heat and humidity of the day. i expect that pattern to continue into the afternoon. i don't think we'll see widespread rain. i don't even think everybody will see it.
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the isolated variety are possible. mid 80s this afternoon. i have actually increased the high for today. we are going to go 87 at 4:00 and then drop down to 84 at 6:00. a little hotter today, right? and then the stray thunderstorms through the afternoon. tomorrow a better chance of rain. now, don't let that scare you. i know you hear rain on saturday and think oh, gross, like last saturday. no, it is not going to be like at thunderstorms around. we get off to a dry start tomorrow morning. now we are up to midday. the clock is just above my head there. here is noon. there could be a few spotty showers developing and then into the afternoon some isolated stuff possible there as well. but a better chance of rain at night tomorrow as a cold front approaches from our west. the latest run of this model has really scaled back on the coverage, of course, right
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that we'll see showers and thunderstorms overnight and tomorrow and into sunday morning. here is 4:00 in the morning. by mid-morning, if not sooner than that, most of us should be dry with the exception of maybe a little be lake enhanced rain on the east side of cleveland late sunday into your monday. so two weather alert days there for the weekend, guys, but not a complete washout by any means. look what happens after the rain moves through.we 50s in the morning monday and tuesday. low humidity, highs in the 70s. it is going to be a perfect start to the week. >> shut off the ac for a couple days. >> save some money, right? more refreshing. thanks, sam. august is one of the most popular months of the year for bursts. a new bundle of joy brings a
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new set of costs. having a baby can be financially overwhelming. on monday i talk to a financial expert who shares some tips on building a budget. that is monday, 5:00 am on cleveland 19 news this morning. >> let's not think about monday yet. we want to think to the weekend because it is 1:00 somewhere. still ahead, which color wine is more likely to give you a hangover? >> red or white for you? i like both. a consumer alert about the free shipping offers.
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online sites offer free shipping, but it may c something you may not want. >> for walt, it was diet pills. >> i was like, what the heck is this. >>reporter: this woman, free shipping. >> the total was $360. >>reporter: both were surprised to find what they thought was a one-time purchase, was a subsc subscription. truth bill helps users cancel subscriptions they no longer
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up for to begin with. accept the discount, check out and you may be charged monthly whether you bought something or not. >> what you thought was a $25 purchase, become $50 a month recurring. >>reporter: you can cancel any time, but sometimes it is not >> there are companies that are sneaky about signing you up for the subscription and companies that make it difficult to cancel. >>reporter: true bills scours your accounts for reoccurring subscriptions and cancel the ones you don't want. pay attention before you click "purchase" or you may pay again and again. >> don't worry, i have you covered because i know you are thinking about wine. the color of wine you drink
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whether you'll have a hangover in the morning according to an australian researcher at curtain university. he says drinks with high levels of -- make you feel worse. they tend to be darker like red wine, brandy or whiskey. white wines seem to have less alcohol than red wines. also, cheap wines may have added tannins which feel worse. >> i will your honored the world conjegurs. i still haven't learned it. >> i couldn't pronounce that if you told me i had to. >> gave you a glass of wine. >> if you handed me a glass of wine then i definitely couldn't pronounce it. near 90 tomorrow with thunderstorms late. they will wind down mid-morning sunday. >> happy 25th birthday to our
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>> nick: is it true what they're saying? there's new evidence in adam's case that proves he didn't kill constance bingham? >> paul: yes, it's true. we found the original pages of sage's journal. this is all moving way too fast. >> victor: yeah, it means the genoa city police department did their job. they found the missing pages. >> chloe: which means adam goes free. >> victor: well, it also means that you have to start thinking about the next phase, you know? >> chloe: next phase? >> victor: meaning get out of town, as far away from here as possible. >> chloe: [ scoffs ] excuse me? >> victor: what about that didn't you understand? >> chloe: well, you told me that i was gonna be protected. >> victor: of course you will.


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